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Forecast IT is Still Open for Business

August 19, 2020, Written by 0 comment

With the recent implementation of the Victorian Stage 4 COVID-19 lock-down, many businesses have had to shut their doors. I’m writing to let everyone know that Forecast IT is still open for business as Information Technology is one of the few industries permitted to operate with direct contact with customers though, a few changes are required to comply with the Stage 4 restrictions.

For instance, any client seeking onsite support must complete the compliance form which can be found at
There are also restrictions on which tasks and issues can be performed or investigated on-site.

Issues and task that can be performed onsite at businesses or homes are;
• Computer Virus Removal
• Computer Hardware Fault Diagnostics
• Printer and Scanner Hardware Fault Diagnostics
• Network/Internet/Wi-FI Hardware Fault or Connection Issues
• Windows or Mac OS startup Fault Diagnostics
• Computer/Network/Printer Hardware Delivery and Setup
• Landline Phone and Fax connection issues

while tasks that can only be performed remotely are;

• Software removal and setup
• Software Issue Diagnosis and resolution
• Assistance with using a software application
• Email Settings, sending and receiving issues
• Setting up backup processes.

Other work that must also be performed remotely includes;

• Meetings
• Web Development
• eBook Development
• Video and Audio Editing.

There are also issue that can’t be investigated on-site as they are deemed none essential. These are;

• Issues with Smart Televisions
• Issues with devices such as Google Home and Alexa
• Issues with Apple TV, Google Chrome Cast, Sonos, Smart Watches, Video Games Systems or other similar devices

Please also be aware that any person or business outside the Melbourne metropolitan area can only be assisted remotely as stated by the travel restrictions initially put in place during stage 3.

For anyone needing remote support, this can be performed through remote access via the application AnyDesk and video calls and text messages via WhatsApp. I have also set up a Help Desk system which can be contacted via email at the address and via the “Submit a Support Request” form on the contact us page which can be found at If you need help over the phone please call 03 9015 9686

In the coming days I’ll be sending everyone instructions for setting up AnyDesk and WhatsApp but in the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards

Lachlan Williams
Forecast IT

Lachlan Williams

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